Drink locally, act globally

white helmets.jpg

When we started Du Nord, we believed that a business should both “be good” and “do good;” that is, it is not enough to make a quality product and sell it: the business should also do some good in the community along the way. We continue to hold that belief, and it draws us to act in response to the Syrian conflict. Whatever may be said about the actors involved in the war, it is undeniable that non-combatants are suffering at a level that should not be regarded as just another news story. Kids are dying. There is a moral imperative to act, a moral imperative that leads us to #mondaysforsyria.

Starting this Monday, December 19, running until the end of January, Du Nord will donate all profits from all sales on Mondays to NGOs working inside Syria to help innocent civilians caught up in this devastating war. We will donate the funds to the White Helmets and Doctors Without Borders. We ask all Monday patrons to take a photo of themselves under the hashtag #mondaysforsyria: symbols can be powerful, and the faces of concerned Minnesotans 6,026 miles away from the conflict will hopefully show those impacted by the war that we hear their pleas and wish to help.

We wish we could do more. Giving up a day of sales is not easy, but we hope that other businesses will consider joining #mondaysforsyria in whatever way they can. 

Shanelle & Chris Montana