L’etoile du Nord Vodka is the first craft vodka of its kind to bring together sugar beets (arguably Minnesota’s ugliest crop) combined with Minnesota’s most abundant crop, corn. The vodka passes through two stills, and 24 rectifying plates; the end result is a crisp, uniquely smooth vodka with a subtle sweet flavor.

L'etoile du Nord is appropriately named after the Minnesota state motto "L'etoile du nord" or "the star of the north." Like all Du Nord products, L'etoile vodka focuses on the base grain to find its flavor. The corn that makes L'etoile is also the source of its sweetness and creaminess. Avid whiskey drinkers may detect a subtle vanilla flavor often present in bourbon, a corn based whiskey. L'etoile is a "sipping vodka" and is best enjoyed neat or in a cocktail with a citrus note.

L’Etoile Du Nord won Triple Gold Medal for flavor at the MicroLiquor Spirits Awards in Beverly Hills, CA, a silver medal at the Denver international Spirits Competition, and a bronze medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  Nationally recognized, Minnesota’s signature taste can now be found in numerous restaurants, bars and liquor stores throughout Minnesota.