No More Pencils!
No More Books!

The school year is over, and we want to say think you to all of the amazing teachers in our community!

It's an open secret that Du Nord loves teachers. Our Cafe Frieda Coffee Liquor is named after a teacher, and we have a perpetual teacher discount in the cocktail room. Now that summer is here, we want to give back even more to the folks who help create the foundation for our community.

Teachers, bring in your school ID and you'll get a free pour of our Summer Punch, a frozen cocktail made special for the celebration. You'll also get that teacher discount we mentioned on the rest of your cocktails!

We'll also be rolling out our humongous smoker and doing some barbecuing! Teachers eat free!

Parents, we want to help you celebrate too! We'll be blowing up our bouncy castle and shaking up some non-alcoholic cocktails so you're little ones can join you as you prepare for summer.

So send a note to your favorite teacher, ditch the textbooks, and join us for a summer vacation celebration!