Frieda bottle.png

The roots of Café Frieda stretch back to the beginning of Du Nord when the owners casually complained of the lack of a coffee liqueur that tasted like real coffee. After years of careful testing, blending, trial and error, Café Frieda is now ready for the world.

As a farm-direct, grain-to-glass distillery, it is important that the ingredients in Frieda are both qualitatively and ethically aligned with Du Nord. We use Peace Coffee™ Yeti cold press blend: an organic, fair-trade blend roasted a less than a mile from our distillery. The coffee has bold chocolate notes that play well with the bitter, peppery notes of roasted chicory. All of the alcohol in the product is distilled in our Minneapolis shop from corn grown on co-owner Shanelle Montana’s parent’s farm.

So why name it Café Frieda? At Du Nord, we believe that the most important job in any community is that of teacher. Teachers are more than conduits of knowledge, they are often role-models, disciplinarians, friends, mentors and a number of other jobs/roles for which they receive little recognition and less compensation. It made sense to name Café Frieda after a teacher who, for hundreds of students at Minneapolis South High School, embodied the struggles, difficulties, and joys of being a teacher. The woman affectionately known to her students as “Frieda” (not her real name) ran a massive theater program that allowed students of all types to work both on stage and behind the scenes to produce several shows each year ranging from Shakespeare to Bob Fosse. All this was on top of her English classes during the day. Co-owner and head distiller Chris Montana was fortunate enough to participate in Frieda’s programs both in class and on stage.

Most people who will try this product will never meet Frieda, but everyone has had a Frieda in their life: a teacher, a coach, a mentor that went the extra mile and made an impact on a young person’s life. We dedicate this coffee liqueur to the many “Friedas” out there who work so hard each day to plant seeds that may not bear fruit for decades but will nonetheless change the lives of so many. We think they deserve a drink; don’t you?